Meet Dr. Denim Pt. 2

A great extension of the Dr. Denim backbone are the two flagship stores in Stockholm and Gothenburg. These are the places to go when you want to be sure to find a wide range of our styles and, of course, an extra nice shopping experience in a super dedicated denim environment. It's time to meet Marlene and Simon, two people that make the Galleries well worth a visit.



Marlene Salin is our Store Manager in the Dr. Denim Gallery of Stockholm. She is a person with front row insight into what we really should be looking for each season.

Spring is almost upon us here in Sweden, what are this seasons must-haves?

White in all shapes! All white outfits for every occasion is going to be right on point this season. My favorites are Nora, a 90s mom jeans, and Lykke, a sky high, cropped and superflared jeans must-have.

What is your all-time favorite item?

Definitely Zoe jeans! I love high waisted jeans that goes with everything, anytime. They're quite simply the perfect pair of jeans.

Any fun memories from the store?

One day last summer there was this guy coming in, he said he'd just been at a bar in another part of Stockholm where he'd suddenly realized he desperately needed a new pair of jeans. So, he got on a bicycle and went to our store. We quickly supplied him with a pair of black Clark and sent him on his way. 30 minutes later his friend from the bar showed up, on the same bike, asking for the same kind of jeans for himself. They paid us another visit a couple of days later, both of them still wearing Clark of course, saying they had a great night out and thanking us for excellent customer service.


Dr. Denim Gallery Bondegatan 46 in Stockholm






In the Dr. Denim Gallery of Gothenburg you can find Simon Rah, who works as a Shop Assistant giving style advice and guidance to those looking for the perfect fit. 

If you’d give one advice on how to find the right fit what would that be?

Always bring a couple of sizes and styles into the fitting room if you're not 100% sure what you're looking for. Every brand has its own unique fit and that can sometimes be a bit "scary". I've noticed that some people feel uncomfortable to ask for another size if the first one doesn't fit, because in their mind they may think that they are too skinny/fat or whatever. But If you find the right fit you will feel confident and therefore look gorgeous. 

What are you looking for when it comes to jeans? 

I'm always looking for tight jeans. Since I am a really skinny guy, I've always been having trouble finding those skin tight ones. So I'm always looking on the women’s section when I'm shopping for jeans. Since I found Dr. Denim, I've been using the unisex style Snap, because it's tight but still really stretchy. And that's perfect as I am a skateboarder and I play in two punk bands, so I need to be able to move around and be flexible. Personally, I don't care much for stiff jeans.

What is your all-time favorite item?

I'll have to say a t-shirt, since they are the most basic item, but still reflect so much of your personality and identity. If you know a person, you can probably read a lot of his/hers mood the current day, just by looking at what t-shirt they're wearing. But my personal favorite item is the scarf. Nothing looks as classy as if you throw a scarf around your neck, and that can make the most boring outfit become red carpet material.


Dr. Denim Gallery Magasinsgatan 20 in Gothenburg



Photos by Alexander Graah