Meet Dr. Denim

The Dr. Denim headquarter in Gothenburg is where we spend most of our days, where we coordinate the logistics all over the world and where all our ideas come to life. This is also a place for truly inspiring individuals and it's about time we introduce ourselves, starting with Olof and Sophie. This is our home, welcome.



Olof Norrman is working as Wholesale Merchandiser and he's one of the persons keeping the supply chain up and running.

We know you’re really into denim, tell us more about that?

– It’s an interest from two main reasons, the history and the constant change of the garment. The history of the jean is truly inspiring, from this very tough workwear garment used for heavy labor into today’s fashion. The fit has changed quite a bit but the main idea is still basically the same over 100 years down the line. Rivets, which was originally placed so that workers could carry tools in their pockets, are still there even thought there is no real use for them for most people.

– The other thing is the change of the fabric, the indigo dye that will fade and the weaving yarns that will break. If you wear a pair of raw denim, everything you do will eventually show. You will create your own pair with their own personality just by wearing them.



What is your best advise for making a pair of jeans last longer?

– The main focus is the fit, it shouldn’t be too tight and it shouldn’t be too loose. If the fit is too tight for you it might break easier in those high tension places and if they are too loose, you might not use them just because of poor fitting. Being careful with washing is another thing that is very important, no tumble dry, no detergents, wash as rarely as possible and keep the temperature low.

– Then, the thicker the actual denim is, the longer the jeans will endure and to also repair any wear and tear damage will extend their life as well. I actually do a lot of repairs of well worn jeans in my small repair shop, Göteborgs Jeansreparation, that is really fun and rewarding. So if you want a pair of jeans to last as long as possible, choose a raw or nearly raw denim wash with a good fit and take good care of them.

What is your all-time favourite item?

– Raw jeans and a good crew sweat, I really like workwear inspired clothes that both looks and feels good. Basics last longer. 



Sophie Thomsen is our Head of Design and the first collection with her signature will be the one for Fall & Winter 2016.

 This means we still have to wait a bit longer for your lines to be presented, what can we expect?  

– Me and my team have worked really hard on this collection and we have definitely raised the bar, especially when it comes to qualities. There's some really nice organics in our denim row, which feels like an obvious choice given our sustainability goal, and we'll also introduce a number of new jeans styles that I'm really excited about. 

– You'll definitely see influences of the good stuff from the late 90's in the collection. There will surely be a bunch of must-have pieces that you don't want to miss out on!

Where do you find inspiration?

– For me, the core inspiration has always been about the strive of constantly improving and doing things better. I do believe that the second you are creatively satisfied the game is over. But generally, whether it’s someone or something you spot on the street, music or a piece of fabric that triggers you I believe that if it sparks any emotion whatsoever it’s a good source of inspiration. 

What is your all-time favourite item?

– You can never ever go wrong with a pair of black jeans, no matter the occasion.



Photos by Alexander Graah