Time to confide in your Holiday stitches – how party is your wardrobe? 



 Ever wondered where Dr. Denim would wander to for a party? Well, The Holiday Collection leaks that festive spectacle where everyone has an invite +1! Picture a disco ball hovering over a back-street scene full of soft shadows & flashy ‘90s babes grinding it to party beats… These items sum up a total disco grunge wasteland that’s found a silver lining of style & made to look picture perfect against your Holiday backdrop. Tinsel anyone?

For all sorts of seasonal situations, these items have been actively dipped in the Holiday juice & greased up with finer points of dance hall, urban sport vibes & proper old school fits.

It’s no party without a lightshow of course, so light up your loved ones’ Holiday with shimmering silvery metallics, velvets that own the shadow-play & inspire the shine for Holiday party time… 



Photos by Caroline Johansson