Out in Berlin

A little while ago Berlin called & of course we answered. So, the flights were booked to take the newest collection on tour through Berlin’s sprawling streets & twisting underground to breath in all the relative diversity this city exhales as the true shelter for culture it is.



With Berlin’s boroughs as creative grounds & the U-Bahn pointing in all the right directions, it was Berlin for an entire week, soaking up every last drop of this mecca for cool & inspiring. Hanging out & working with five lovely souls including three amazing girls’ @gia_escobar, @alyssa_cor & @sandershawny was worth the trip itself.

Shooting in areas like Friedrichshain, Kreutzberg & Oberbaum Bridge, through unsyncopated archways, ordered tower blocks, underground, darker places & against pillars full of band-meet-venue posters ripped & curling at the edges, the steel trusses & concrete walls rebounded visions perfectly.






This is the Fall/Winter collection and, while it eyes the novelty of the ‘90s grunge era, like a clip from MTV-unplugged after the static clears, it’s still a contemporary, modish twist that has all our favored blacked-out cool & expressive minimalism we’ve shaped with subtle but stark highlights.

Elements popular with grunge aficionados during the decade’s initial incarnation are present, just heightened with our interpretation of the ‘90s, still as that static scene everyone wanted to be a part of. Berlin, we are so happy you called because your atmospheric coolness that garnishes the background of these photos proves it was the right place.

Thank you Berlin, you filled us to the brim.


Photos by Gustav Wiking

Film by Mats Ek