Meet Ginney Noa

Sneaker enthusiast, fashion muse, and creative soul. Not only does she steal the style spotlight, but her positive spirit and enthusiasm are one of the many reasons we are loving her! Meet Ginney Noa, cool at heart and with an undeniable confidence that we adore! Discover her favorite places she travels to and what she always carries in her backpack.




My name is: Ginney Noa  

I’m a: Sneaker collector and Content creator at 

I’d describe my style as: Feminine, but badass. 

My 3 favorite items in my closet are: Supreme box logo, Adidas tracksuit, and a basic big sweater.

When it comes to summer must have items: You need to have some good denim shorts. I love my Dr. Denim Jenn shorts. You can literally pull this off with any pair of sneakers and any type of oversized tee. For those extra hot summer days, go for a bodysuit and denim shorts.



My favorite type of jeans: High waisted.

My favorite place to travel to: Los Angeles. I think this will always be my fave place to go. The vibe, the palm trees, and the beaches is what I love about Los Angeles.

Most beautiful place I’ve ever seen: Grand Canyon.

When I travel, I always bring with me: My MacBook, my diary, and my positive exploring mind.

This makes me smile: Being around my family and friends.

My favorite way to spend Saturday night is: On the couch with loads of candy (especially Skittles) and a good movie. 

My secret recipe for the Monday blues: Stay positive and blessed no matter what day it is or how you feel. Happiness starts with you and only you. A good cup of tea, a walk outside or a good music playlist will help too!



 Photos by Patrick Kenawy (@knwy)