Erik Scholz’s Denim Picks

Another year, another denim wardrobe update needed! We're here to help you out on this one. Discover our friend Erik's highlighted essential jeans styles from this winter's drop. Start 2018 like the jean-ious you are!



"I am particularly fond of this wash of Otis because it reminds me of the old school look. It has that vintage touch yet with an authentic and modern character. I especially love the cropped style, it’s one of my favorites. I even rolled up the hem.

The jeans fit a bit tighter but have a straight and loose fit. I’ve paired the jeans up with the beige Milan sweater and the Charlie scarf and I’ve added the Tatum belt, which I have repurposed for this shooting."



"Snap is my favorite Dr. Denim jeans style. I have several washes of Snap, but I am especially keen on this blue wash since it matches most of the fall-winter colors. The jeans feature a straight cut and fit very tightly. It is a blend of skinny jeans and slim jeans with the fit adapting itself  very nicely to your body."


"Leroy is the reason why I became such a huge fan of Dr. Denim. The fabric of the jeans feel super soft to the touch and is very stretchy. The skin-tight fit flatters your shape. If you’re searching for a very slim cut model that is incredibly comfortable, go for this one! My personal recommendation is to go for the black Leroy wash, a style classic!"