Every day is a denim day

Dr. Denim is your family. Your friend. Your every day companion. Someone you can turn to in every situation. Just like a perfect pair of jeans. Dr. Denim creates affordable staples to live your lifein, whether heading for a casual lunch, a wedding, the meeting or even to bed. Denim is always there with you. Extend yourself with a fashionably functional wardrobe that never lets you down, that breaks borders and makes room for life. Every day is a denim day. 

This written statement is a promise about innovation, knowledge and valuable quality. It’s a promise about the future and all those who share it with Dr. Denim. This framework states the parameters which ensure that Dr. Denim delivers on this promise and creates denim for every day - pieces to live your life in. Street-smart product development and perfectly fitted jeans is the way forward. Every day is a denim day. This is where our heart is, this is our belief and this is Dr. Denim.


"We’ve always wanted to do what others say can’t be done.
And we’ve actually done it many times."

Alexander Graah
founder and CEO


And so it began.

In a basement outside the port city of Gothenburg, Sweden, two brothers dreamt of creating denim rooted in the present while stretching beyond seasons and traditional design. With an aim at the unknown and an ambition to cross borders by adding new values to a piece of fabric, the mission was set. Inspired by their grandpa who always saw beyond obstacles and further, they started to solve the impossible equation. From this courage and dedication Dr. Denim was raised — a brand to trust whether you need elegance or function. With a character where persistence, smart choices and humility have been passed down for generations, Dr. Denim has taken form as an uncompromised denim brand where perfect fit, price and total experience reach far beyond seams and buttons.

The brothers Alexander and Johannes Graah and their father Morten founded Dr. Denim 2004 in Gothenburg. The company has since then been run as a linear family business without hierarchies where blood is not thicker than water. Every individual’s engagement and well-being is of greatest importance and run as a core through the organization. The familiar and permissive climate creates a dynamic and personal atmosphere where the collective skills are highly recognized. Dr. Denims values are found in the company’s corners where community, innovation and development are leading lights.