Seeking summer in Madrid

Like good film & great music, surroundings make your life better; And we were in no better place to find a utopia for the new spring collection than there in the Spanish greenery.



We spent days hanging out in places like the Parque del Retiro & Templo de Debod, doubling back through the Mercado de San Miguel & checking out the unfamiliar while looking straight ahead into Spring & Summer.

Nudged to remember the importance of unplugging from the normal day-to-day & into discovering only what’s good around you, we found inspo all over the city. 




This collection is about slowing down the pace to set your own while you invent, pursue & build your own style within your urban bounds; It’s about moving through the usual places & context to find something unexpected.

These are styles to walk into your kitchen with & turn the music loud on your days off…To be curious & active in, to wander around in & hangout on the park walls making starry moments with friends in because - it’s all about easy planning & no time lost looking good.



Photos by Felix Swensson

Film by Henrik Bäckström