Pepper Jeans by Modest Mira

Fancy a tight fit with straight cropped legs? Have a look at Miras top three outfits to find your favourite.

"Style the Worn Light Retro Ripped Pepper Jeans for a meal out with friends with the black Unina Sweater, the Debbie Coat and a statement belt giving off fun, casual and urban vibes yet still remaining smart and sleek at the same time."

"Wearing the Worn Mid Retro Pepper Jeans casually for those supermarket errands, pairing it with the black Alix Hoody and the Pale Pink Emlin Jacket. Super cosy and stylish - even if you are running errands. No one ever said you couldn't look badass while doing so, right?"

"It's all fun and games with the black Pepper Jeans styled with the black Inessa Tee and the Pale Pink Emlin Jacket for a night out in the arcade."