The night out

Amp things up a bit! It’s all about warm red hues and contrasting sapphire blue tones, styling oversized layers and embracing the velvety side of life right now.




Make the most of the colder temperatures with our mid-winter collection that covers everyday essentials that stand out and to have fun with. Discover the styles and textures that you will see through the upcoming chillier times!



 Look to slouchy oversized hoodies and super-soft textures in warm velvety red hues and dark blue tones that will build your foundation of your winter wardrobe. So, while the days are getting darker, you’ll set a colorful accent alongside sporting distressed denim for that extra punky vibe. 



The time to shine is now - Silver rules for winter! Strike the perfect balance between playfulness and casual and wear eye-catching statement pieces over casual denim and transform your outfit. It’s as simple as it gets!



 Worn blue denim wash and black tees is the combo that will never get out of trend. Why don’t pimp it up with a playful faux leather top when out and about?

Keep it cool and casual and don’t forget to share your style with us by tagging us via #mydrdenims on your social medias!




Photos by Felix Swensson

Film by Henrik Bäckström