We thought this was an ideal time for a style inauguration, so, we would like you to meet Otis, our newest denim style presented by Den Villar, @darts.vader.



These slim straights are lean & tapered with a champion crop so you can push it up & play well with distinctive proportions. This is a denim sort that’s dark & full of postmodern nuances, so what better backdrop to give them than the Espace d’Abraxas in Noisy-le-Grand. Through these slabs of Parisian housing blocks & open-air theatre, Otis completely took shape within an otherworldly atmosphere.

Den himself has been moving through the architectural, fashion & design industry with his own distinctive ethos, now Europe bound from Australia, 2016 has found Den travelling throughout Europe & landing in Berlin momentarily. Journeying until the end of the year, we follow his Insta closely to get inspired along the way.

So, here is Otis, the all-embracing denim alongside Den, who we hope to have the pleasure of meeting up with again someday!



"If you had only one word to describe your personal style, what would it be?"


– Den Villar




 Give us some words about Otis, what are your thoughts on this new style?

I absolutely love Otis, the style is so perfect for me because it's so hard to find the right cut, Otis fits nice & straight & are cropped in a good length. I normally would wear Otis with a nice basic shirt & some low cut Docs with socks, but again, everyone has their own style, I recommend you to wear it in any way you feel comfortable! 

I would like to see Otis in raw denim or a light wash with a raw hem - that could be cool!


What is an element of the fashion industry that is so appealing to you?

I am mostly interested in designers with unique style & originality, something different and exciting.


If you had only one word to describe your personal style, what would it be?




Photos by Ninja Hanna

Film by Mats Ek