Olivia Bergman's guide to Stockholm

Time to rave a little bit about Stockholm now - Our lovely capital & its impressively good looks, exceptional eats & a fashion sense that spies on great denim & more! If you’ve never been this far north you’re definitely due for a visit... So here’s our friend & stylish Instagram dandy, Olivia Bergman & her Guide to Stockholm with a special focus on all the best finds in Södermalm.



Friday 17:30

Started Friday celebrations earlier than usual with a stop at one of my favorite stores, the Dr. Denim store located on Bondegatan 46 in Södermalm. Not only is it the perfect first stop because it's so close to where I live but also because it has a great vibe. Take a coffee, browse around and find some nice pieces for the weekend. My favorite part of the store is a wall displaying many different models and colors of denim.


Friday 21:20

After a quick stop at home (where I ate all the pasta I could find) I decided to go to Paradiso for drinks. Good drinks are my main priority on Fridays and Paradiso on Timmermannsgatan 24 has the best. If the bartender/owner Andreas Bergman is behind the bar, ask him to make you his favorite drink and you will get a mean Barbadian Rhum Punch. Baby Blue Pina Colada, Rude Gal’s Cobbler and Stormy In Paradise are three other crazy good drinks I recommend.

The owners behind Paradiso have a history working in both bars and fine dining so if you also feel like having something to eat there is definitely something on the menu to suit your taste. Friday lunches here are also something I recommend! For once in my life I decided to go home afterwards so it was a proud girl strolling down the street towards Medborgarplatsen.





Saturday 13:30

Let's face it, no one ever gets up for breakfast on a Saturday before 12 A.M. My breakfast/lunch on Saturday is at a quite newly opened place close to Mariatorget on Blecktornsgränd 8, owned by two friends of mine. A Bowl is basically everything you want and your body needs after a night of drinking.

Poke (apparantely pronounced POKE-AY, not POKE-EE like I've been saying) comes from Hawaii and is traditionally made with chunks of tuna mixed together with rice and a sauce. Different variations of Poke is served at A Bowl, my favorite is the one with octopus. Try your Poke with a bottle of Cold Brew, a new Swedish brand of iced coffee. A Bowl also has some really nice desserts with frozen mango, banana and dates. Hangover no more.





Saturday 20:15

Hidden under a bridge on Hornstulls strand 13 is my absolute favorite dinner place. Bistro Barbro is the perfect mix between bistro, bar and cinema. Yes you read it, cinema!  Down in the cellar of Barbro is the cutest little cinema and bar where a nearby cinema hosts one of their salons. They have a concept where you can sit down for a nice dinner and then afterwards enjoy a movie.

What I like most about Bistro Barbro, except the obvious reasons like crazy good food, is the mix of people. There is not a particular crowd that goes here, everyone is welcome. This makes Bistro Barbro the perfect date-place, perfect dinner-with-friends-place but also the perfect sit-and-look-at people-while-you-eat-alone-place.


Sunday 15:00

Since my Saturday evening didn't end at Bistro Barbro, it was a tired girl walking towards Brännkyrkagatan 62 to do some Sunday shopping. Paradiset is the Swedish word for paradise and that is just what it is. Opened in April 2015, Paradiset with a shopping area of 1600 m2, is every eco-food lovers dream. All products in Paradiset, from the frozen food to the fruit, vegetables and meat produce to the beauty products are eco and from sustainable sources.

Stockholmers in general are becoming more and more aware of where their food comes from and before Paradiset opened there really wasn't any place that fully catered for that need. I am a lazy girl and when possible, like to do all my shopping in one place. And since I never have the energy to cook a proper meal on a Sunday I either buy a take-away at their food- court or a pick and mix my own meal at their delicatess.



 Photos by Filippa Smeds

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