Mikutas guide to Berlin

The story of Mikuta, the popular style- and fashion blog, started when Jacqueline and Klemens decided to take their passion for photography and style public in 2015. Having Berlin as their home we asked them to take us on a tour of their favourite spots in the city. 




 Pannierstraße 57, 12047 Berlin

Bruch is a bar owned by an Italian family, it is located on one of our favourite streets in Neukölln. The bar is open all day long for breakfast (until 4pm), lunch and dinner and is all about Italian food. Bruch is absolutely at its best at night, there are always lots of people, parties on Fridays and they have the best cocktails in town, especially Mario’s Gin Basil Smash. Oh, and not to forget their amazing house and funk music playing all day long!




Kiehlufer 55, 12059 Berlin

Nah am Wasser gebaut is a relatively new place that opened up in our neighbourhood last summer and since then we always stop by for lunch, or just to work. Not only do they have amazing cakes and sandwiches, the place is big and spacious with a cozy atmosphere where you can sit and work or chat with friends for hours.




Apart from Pannierstraße, Weserstraße is also our favourite street in Neukölln and the place where most Berliners want to live and hang out. The street is very long, full of coffee places, bars and second hand boutiques. Our favourite places are Bar Ä, Bar Tier, Coffeeplace K-Fetish and Dots Cafe (the place behind us on the photos). One can hop from bar to bar but won’t be able to visit them all in one night, Weserstraße is definitely the street to visit when you come to Berlin.




Falckensteinstraße 41, 10997 Berlin

This place is in Kreuzberg, close to Schlesisches Tor which is another great part of Berlin, a little more touristy we would say but still a great place to be. Kreuzberg is the place that everyone is asking for, the dirty, messy and alternative place, but thats how it is in most of the places in Berlin anyways. We both love to take our bikes there to have the best pizza slices in Berlin or their ice creams which are even better (ice cream across the street, same owner). After that we usually pass by Club der Visionaere which is just around the corner.




All these places in Berlin are really nice, but we must say that our favourite place is definetely our home. We really like our bedroom where the light comes through the windows all day long, where we can shoot, work, be creative and have fun.



Text and photos by Jacqueline Mikuta & Klemens White