Meet Joey Yu

Meet Joey Yu, illustrator, graphical animator and genuine artistic and creative soul and our latest style muse. We spent a whole day with Joey in London at her home and got to know her thoughs on art, fashion, and styling. Check it out!

Amidst lush garden plants, colorful drawings and cozy coffee breaks, Dr. Denim and Joey got kissed by the muse and joined forces to encapsulate Joey’s drawings in a very limited style collaboration treat for you that we are extra excited to share with you soon! Stay tuned for more info and follow uns on social media for more upcoming news! Soon available online.


How would you define your art?

– An ode to the everyday.  

Who is your favorite artist?

– I don't have one in particular, but right now I really like Hiroshi Nagai. He created a lot of artwork for album covers, and you can really feel the vibe of music, and the time period. There's a series he did of saturated American landscapes with palm trees dedicated to soul music. 




Where do you find inspiration?

– I find lots through reading books and travelling to new places. Just going out and doing stuff! That, and staying up really late- you get all sorts of ideas at 2am.  

How does living in London impact your work and your style?

– My work and style is very collaged and mismatched, I would say London is the same.  

What’s your fav jeans fit?

– High waisted but baggy. Good for dancing in.



How would you describe your fashion style?

– My friend once described what I was wearing that day as 'if Shakespeare was a roadman', I think I was wearing a bumbag over a kind of ruffled collar shirt. I don't know, I'm drawn to clothes that feel like they belong to a character. Clothes that put you in a certain mood when you wear them. Also I have a habit of dressing fully in one colour- it makes me feel happy.  

What is your fav staple item that will never run out of fashion?

– A suit. Being smart should never go out of style!



Photos by Amber Grace Dixon