Make it Last

Straight out of a sustainability agenda for fall favorites. 

Sustainable organics are self-explanatory & story-driven. They sound a hum that’s beautiful & fragile, so what better touch to give them than the delicate & artful hands of  Make It Last, the Swedish visionaries of a digital magazine dedicated to sustainable fashion & beauty. 



A soft drum of organics, tangible & completely real world, these are our newest basics & denim that champion an eco-friendly agenda for fall favorites. 

It’s the Oh’kay mentality that whatever you put into your body can very well translate into what you put on your body. By exploring lyocell, tencel & organic cotton, these products embody the vision that denim & fashion can be strong, guiding forces within the surrounding world of sustainability.

For encouragement towards a credo of long life over fast consumption, help out hand in hand & take a look at garments that feature the Organic Cotton, Sustainable Fibers, or Recycled Fibers labels.

Organics hold and stitches move.

These are #organicsbydrdenim - because we are all in this together. 



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A special thanks to @wemakeitlast