This is the Meadow guide, a completeness of everything you need to know about this fresh addition to our staplehood of denim.  



Meadow is natural style. This denim is sweetly sung and easily flung into self-branded brilliance because she’s full on charged for indie spirit and street sourced to become a firm favorite as far as style staples go. She rocks (and arts) a universally flattering denim fit that pushes past average with a statement hem that’s been brought up a notch and where a fixed kick-out flare occupies for pure cropped-out cool…



With slimly slacked legs, a mid-waist rise, 5-pocket detailing and in a form that’s tall and aloof, Meadow is 100% pure in 100% cotton. And, since we’ve always got your back, we feel that it is important to mention that cotton is a living fabric that evolves with age and wear. So, even though cotton is a highly resilient and stable fiber from mother earth, it’s always a good idea to avoid using harsh detergents, flip darker washes inside out and spin on a cooler cycle to ensure color stay and to minimize environmental impact!



The cropped, one-style-suits-all denim for whatever height your boots are, whatever street you find yourself lost or found on, or whichever day of denim & tee comfort it is that’s needed, it’s all up for grabs with Meadow. Are you hooked yet?

If the denim fits wear it strong; and since Meadow is an open field of versatility, she is your totally sweet and shortened up choice for wholehearted style. 


• Kick flare

• Slim Leg

• Mid Rise

• 5-pocket detailing

• 100% cotton


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And we would love to see what your Meadow is! Be it a hotel in some sunny place, floating through the streets with your gals, or a finer dress affair that has you pondering black denim…So make sure we can find you by tagging #meadowbydrdenim or #drdenim on your social medias! 


Photos by Ninja Hanna

Film by Mats Ek