Way out West

 It’s that time of the year again and Dr. Denim got ready for the festival season with the latest collection of summery party items. Together with our most beloved power model couple Sonny and Isabella we joined the festival grounds at Way Out West in Gothenburg and partied on!

The statement piece of you need for every festival season? Denim, of course! From edgy playsuits, pink jeans and oversized black blouses paired with their favorite denim jackets, Sonny and Isabella matched the chill and sunny vibe from the get-go! Because this festival season is all about playful denim combinations that match every style persona.

Check out what bands Sonny and Isabella looked forward to of this year’s WoW edition and their secret hangover recipe.



Which is your favorite band of Way Out West 2017?

Sonny: This year I was really thrilled about The Blaze. Of course, they played the same time as Lana del Rey, to whom I’ve been listening to ever since the beginning. I admire how Lana completely owns her genre. She got that summertime sadness. 

Isabella: I can’t just name one!? Flume was the first artist I saw on this year’s Way Out West and I would not have wanted to start the festival in any other way. Fatima Yamaha made me forget about the rain for a minute and Lana Del Rey was just as awesome as always.



What is the one must have fashion item you always should bring to a festival?

Sonny: Probably something to carry your stuff in, like a fanny pack. Nobody pulls off the bubbly-pocket-look. Also, a pair of worn-in Cuban heels will make you not only look cool but also 4 cm taller.

Isabella: A small bag to keep the essentials in, I guess. And a small headband too so you can put your hair up if it gets too hot (especially if you got a mane like me).


Coming from Gothenburg, what do you like particularly about Way out West?

Sonny: It may sound cliché, but the environments are idyllic. The closeness to the city and the fast-paced tempo won’t bore you.

Isabella: The surroundings! The Slottsskogen park is always beautiful, but with all the great music and decorations in the trees, it gets so dreamy! It’s also wonderful to be surrounded by people who have fun for real and letting themselves forget about all the worries in our world for a while (or at least everybody tries to).



What is your secret hangover cure?

Sonny: Never underestimate a decent breakfast. Preferably served by someone else. Waking up to the smell of freshly baked scones makes your hangover less devastating.

Isabella: Freshly baked scones and gallons of water.



We say good denim, good music, and you’re good to go! What better time to wear your most beloved denim than on festivals? Free the summer and dance on!


Sonny and Isabella